Frequently asked questions for employers.

Using a recruitment agency for your temporary or permanent staff can be time-saving, cost-effective and flexible. It can add value to your business and be a rewarding experience. Whether you are a large multi-sited organisation, or a small family-owned business, you can receive a tailored service to meet your individual needs.

With so many recruitment companies out there it is difficult to know who to use, however don’t let this cloud your vision re: the benefits of using an agency, and in the following information we have tried to cover some helpful tips and points to consider.

How do I decide which agency to use?

When deciding to use an agency you should ensure it has membership to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC). 22 Personnel is a member of the REC and the team are trained by the REC.

Can I ask an agency to supply testimonials?

It’s a good idea to ask for an agency to supply copies of testimonials, and then you can select with confidence. 22 Personnel are able to supply copies of testimonials and their website includes a selection of testimonials from both applicants and clients.

Does the agency have to work to a set of standards or clear ethical terms?

Being a member of the REC means that an agency has signed up to the REC Code of Practice -committed to operate ethically, lawfully and in line with industry best practice. 22 Personnel are an active member of the REC, and a link to the site appears on their ‘useful information page’. The REC site contains lots of useful information and factsheets for clients who are either using agencies, or looking to work with an agency.

Will the Consultant I am dealing with be qualified in recruitment?

It is a good idea to ask your Consultant about their experience and qualifications. At 22 Personnel the staff complete the only government approved recruitment industry qualifications with the REC. When a Consultant has completed this course it is a strong indication that the Consultant will be well versed in recruitment law and best practice.

I am not sure if I need a temporary or permanent member of staff?

A temporary is generally defined as one supplied by an agency on an adhoc basis, usually without a defined period of employment. You can order one temporary or fifty temporaries! A temporary can offer a company a truly flexible labour force and also give you the opportunity to experience the skills of an individual without the commitment of a permanent contract. Temporaries can be used to cover absences or as a solution to varying productivity levels.

A permanent member of staff, once selected is employed with a contract of employment by the client itself. Using an agency to hire permanent staff is second only to local press advertising as the most frequently used method of attracting permanent staff. An agency can offer a quick and efficient service to supply suitable candidates for your vacancy. Another big benefit is the fact that most agencies offer a refund/rebate in the unlikely event that the candidate is unsuitable during the first few months of employment.

Can you explain the charges I am likely to pay?

The average recruitment cost of filling a vacancy (using any method) is £3950. So when considering agency costs you need to take into account the value of the time you save.

When calculating costs for a temporary worker, you will be quoted an hourly charge rate and you will receive an invoice for the hours that the temporary has actually worked. The agency will administer the temporary's pay, NI contributions and holiday pay. At 22 Personnel, they do their best to keep their charge rates as competitive as possible whilst ensuring you get a suitably skilled worker.

With regard to permanent recruitment most agencies charge a fee based on the percentage of the annual salary, and therefore you do not have to pay out any money until the chosen candidate actually starts with you! At 22 Personnel, they always agree the fees upfront, so there are no sudden surprises, and like their temporary rates they always endeavour to keep their permanent fees competitive!

What will I need to tell the agency about when I contact them?

For both temporary and permanent placements it is important that the agency takes a full and detailed job/person specification from you. The more information which can be given the better the ability to meet your needs with the right applicant. At 22 Personnel, they like to arrange an immediate meeting with all new clients to establish all your needs, and understand your company specification. You will also receive a copy of their Terms of Business when you start working together so you understand fully what you are agreeing to. The team at 22 Personnel are happy to answer any questions relating to placing a vacancy.

Where does the agency get its applicants from?

It is their full-time job to source quality people. At 22 Personnel, they aim to understand their clients’ needs so that they identify a good individual as soon as they become available! 22 Personnel have been established for over 20 years, and have over 50 years of recruitment experience within the team. Their aim is to have happy clients and happy candidates, and through hard work and dedication this is achieved. 22 Personnel would rather not fill a vacancy than fill it with an unsuitable candidate.

Do you source applicants of all nationalities?

The demographics of the UK’s workforce has changed dramatically over the last few years. 22 Personnel have been quick to ensure their clients have benefitted from this shift. At 22 Personnel they are serious about equality and diversity and have developed good practice. Sourcing quality applicants is the backbone of the success of 22 Personnel, and a lot of effort is put into doing this. All applicants are screened and you can be assured that all candidates meet the legal requirements in order to work within the UK. It is also interesting to know, that 22 Personnel are one of the few local agencies which actually has a dedicated International Consultant whose sole responsibility is to attract and recruit applicants from overseas and in particular Eastern Europe.

How do I contact 22 Personnel

Ring 22 Personnel on 01702 471147 to discuss your recruitment requirements or place a vacancy. If you need to discuss anything on our website in more detail don’t hesitate to call the team.